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Reaching Toward Reno for Community Revitalization

Patty Clawson - Friday, January 23, 2015

The topics of education and a skilled workforce are two driving forces behind Portola City Manager Robert Meacher's efforts to connect with Reno. With its flurry of economic development, Reno will have huge impacts on its neighboring community of Portola. Meacher speculates that curriculum and workforce requirements will be closely tied to the success of this economic wave.   Read More


Do We Spend Enough Time Working 'In' Our Business?

Michael Clawson - Monday, November 14, 2011

I often ask myself, do I spend more time working ‘in’ my business or ‘for’ my business? My entrepreneurial career has spanned over 15 years and I have seen things come and go in my industry, but the one thing that seems constant is that too many of us in the advertising community are so busy doing great work for our clients that we neglect to do great work for ourselves. Maybe this is as it should be since our clients are our bread and butter, but we have to be aware of how important it is for us to keep our skills and talents honed, especially as things change or new ways of doing things are presented. 
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