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Big Fish Creations Rebrands

09-Jan-2012 With the New Year comes the launch of the all-new rebranded site design of This exciting launch features creative design that completely changes the feel of the site and highlights Graeagle and the surrounding area with greater depth and vibrancy through stunning photography and clever layout.

Owner of and Principal at Big Fish Creations, Michael Clawson has long awaited the rebranding of this site. It was a massive undertaking, as the site is comprised of hundreds of pages rich in content and design. Sophisticated and streamlined, the redesign has integrated multiple marketing features that will drive SEO listings wild. “The strong design and marketing components will easily double the already 3 million hits to the site,” said Clawson. “I am pleased with the end result of this product, and am excited to offer clients a better value for their marketing dollar with the newly rebranded”

The Blog, a new addition to the site, is by far the most dynamic element because it features freelance authors who write from personal perspectives about the beautiful Sierras and the quaint little area of Graeagle.

“There are some powerful visual images written into each and every one of these blog posts, I believe readers will take away a very emotional experience from some of these stories. Unlike generic, third-person articles that barely scratch the surface of our town, these are heartfelt, personal accounts about life as we know it, living here in Graeagle. The Blog posts will capture the very essence of Graeagle and the joys it has brought to the many generations of families that have made this vital connection.”

Along with the Blog Posts, the site will offer many advertising opportunities to feature local business, events and news about monthly happenings in Graeagle and the surrounding area.

“This site ( has for fifteen years - almost two decades, served as an important source of information for both locals and tourists alike. Our visitors, who have been faithfully utilizing this site as a valuable resource, should be delighted with the new, improved version,” said Clawson. "With much satisfaction, I have successfully created a quality product for my visitors and current clients, and hopefully raised the awareness of some new clients to the site”. has long been deemed the official travel and tourism site of Graeagle. It has provided a constant stream of content to its users and is considered a “go-to” site for everything Graeagle.


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